Internship Companies for Polytechnic Diploma Students in Assam

Internship Companies for Polytechnic Diploma Students in Assam

Internship Companies for Polytechnic Diploma Students in Assam: Internship is an important part of all school, college, or educational institute students. An internship is a program of work experience offered by a Government, Public Sector, or other organization for 15 days, 1 month, or 3 months over a limited period of time.

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What is Internship 

An Internship is a period of work experience offered by a private and government organization for a limited period of time. The internship provides practical experience to students, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge. And it helps students to gain valuable industry experience. 

In Assam, many private and government organization is available for Assam polytechnic students for internship. Polytechnic students can do an internship in private and government organizations in Assam. 

Types of Internships for Polytechnic Students

Types of internship- Internships are part-time or full time and they depend on the organization where you intern. An internship can be paid or unpaid. Some organizations paid for internships and some are unpaid.

Internship Companies for Polytechnic Diploma Students in Assam

In Assam different Governments, Public Sector Undertakings (PSU), State Public Sector, or Private organizations are allowed to offer polytechnic students for internships. 

The Polytechnic Diploma course is a 3 years diploma in engineering course. In Assam, Polytechnic students can apply for internships during their course duration, after they complete the 3rd semester or 5th semester they can go for internships

After completion, the 3rd-semester or 5th-semester students can do an internship in Public Sector Undertakings (PSU). 

List of Internship Companies for Polytechnic Students in Assam

    The best internships for polytechnic students in Public Sector Undertakings are:
    • Oil India Limited
    • BCPL- Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer LTD.
    • BVFCL- Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation LTD.
    • APCL- Assam Petro Chemicals LTD.
    • AGCL- Assam Gas Company LTD.
    • NRL- Numaligarh Refinery LTD.
    • Railway Mechanical Workshop
    • APDCL
    • NHPC
    • PWD
    • ASTC Workshop
    State Public Sector Undertaking for Internship of Polytechnic students 
    • Service Sector
    • Trade Sector
    • Promotional Sector 
    • Production Sector 
    • Construction Sector
    • Cooperate Sector, etc.
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