Courses after Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2023

Courses after Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2021

Courses after Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering:  If you searching for the best courses after a polytechnic diploma in electrical engineering, then you are right in a place. we help you to know what is the best course after a polytechnic diploma in electrical engineering?

After a diploma in engineering, you can go to higher study, Short Term Courses or you can go for a job. But if you want to go to higher education then I think you will make a good career. 

In this post, we share with you some Short Term Courses After Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical  Engineering  

Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical  Engineering is a professional course. This diploma course total of 3 years duration. After 10th or 12th passes interested students can apply for admission to Diploma in Electrical  Engineering.  The polytechnic institutes are both privately operated as well as government-aided. 

From the humble light bulb to high-speed fiber-optic networks that interconnect our world love it or hate it electricity is only going to become more and more prevalent. 

That is why the Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering equips students with the skills necessary to meet future challenges. From powering our homes and devices to controlling large aircraft this cause has it all. 

Courses after Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2023

Short-Term Courses After Diploma in Electrical Engineering :

1. CTI: Craft Instructor Training. This course duration is 1 year. After this course, you become an instructor in Govt ITI college.

2.  Post Diploma in Electronics Products Design. 1-year course. Designing of electronics products.

3. CAD using CREO. Course duration 4 weeks or more. CAD- Computer Array Design. After this course, you become a design engineer.

4. Certificate course in Automation and PLC. Course duration 6th month. PLC - Programmable Logic Controller. This course is for the controlled manufacturing process.

5. Certificate course in Repair and  Maintenance of electronic products. This course duration is 3 to 4 weeks. 

6. Advanced Diploma in PLC/SCADA/DCS Engineer. This course duration is 16 weeks.

7. Certificate course in embedded system design using 8051 Microcontroller. This course duration for 3 or 4 weeks.

8. Certificate course in Electronics board design and bring-up. Course duration 3 weeks.

9. Solar Power installation operation and maintenance. Course Duration 3 weeks.

10. Certificate course in C, C++, JAVA, or any other Programming language Course 

Courses after Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering: 

List of courses after polytechnic diploma in electrical engineering-

1. Certificate course in VLSI systems

2. Certificate course in PLC

3. Certificate course in SCADA

4. Certificate course in Hardware Networking

5. Certificate course in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

6. Certificate course in DC and AC motors

7. Certificate course in CCNA

8. Certificate course in Embedded system

9. Certificate courses in Verilog and VHDL

10. Certificate course in Robotics and Intelligent Systems

11. Certificate course in Mechatronics

12. Certificate course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering-Electrical System

13. Certificate course in Power Electronics

14. Certificate course in Signal processing

Electrical Degree Courses after Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering

After a Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering, candidates can go for admission into B.Tech or B.E. after an appearing Entrance Test. B.Tech or B.E... Normally B.Tech or B.E. is 4 year degree course but after completing a polytechnic diploma, many engineering colleges offer lateral entry. 

Lateral entry means diploma-holder students can join the selected engineering college directly in the 3rd semester of the B.Tech or B.E. course. In some engineering colleges, polytechnic diploma students can directly join but in some colleges, students can appear in entrance exams to gain admission. 


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