Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical

Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical: Polytechnic Diploma in mechanical engineering 6th syllabus is available on our Polytechnic Diploma website and app. If you are searching Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical, you are in the right place. Polytechnic Diploma Mechanical Engineering 6th Semester Syllabus is available here. In this post, we provide a Diploma 6th sem mechanical syllabus pdf file. 

Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical

Also here you can download the Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical Engineering with subject codes. Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical Engineering. Polytechnic 6th Semester Mechanical Engineering Syllabus PDF download link below.

Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical Engineering 

Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical. Total 7 subjects in Polytechnic Diploma 6th Semester Mechanical branch syllabus. Polytechnic Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 6th Sem Syllabus with subject codes given below-

Subject Subject Code 
1. Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship  Hu-601
2. Thermal Engineering-II Me-602
3. Drawing, Estimating & Costing  Me-603
4. Metrology Me-604
5. Project & Seminar Me-611
6. Elective Subject
7. Professional Practice -IV Me-610

1. Course Title: Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship

Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship chapters name: 
  • Introduction to Management
  • Leadership Decision-Making & Communication
  • Introduction to Cost
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Legislation
  • Production Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
  • Forms of Business Organisation
  • Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Support to Entrepreneurs 

2. Course Title: Thermal Engineering-II 

Thermal Engineering-II chapters name: 
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Air compressors
  • Gas turbine and propulsion
  • Refrigeration Cycle

3: Course Title: Drawing, Estimating & Costing

Drawing, Estimating & Costing chapters name:
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Introduction to Estimation and costing
  • Elements of costs
  • Indirect expenses and depreciation
  • Mensuration and Estimation of material cost
  • Estimation of Machining Time
  • Estimation of Welding & Fabrication Time Sheet metal 

4: Course Title: METROLOGY

METROLOGY chapters name:
  • Metrology concepts and standards
  • Basic Precise and Non-Precise Measuring instruments
  • Limits, Fits, Tolerances, and Gauges
  • Angular Measurements
  • Comparators
  • Screw Thread Measurement
  • Gear Measurement
  • Surface Finish Measurement
  • Machine tool metrology
  • Miscellaneous Measurement 

Polytechnic Diploma Mechanical Engineering 6th Semester Syllabus [PDF Download]

Polytechnic Diploma Mechanical Engineering 6th Semester Syllabus. Diploma 6th sem mechanical syllabus pdf. Mechanical engineering 6th Semester syllabus. The Polytechnic 6th Semester syllabus download link is given below.

Polytechnic Diploma Mechanical Engineering 6th Semester Syllabus PDF Download links below. Download the PDF syllabus of Diploma 6th sem mechanical engineering. 

Also here you can download the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 6th Semester syllabus with mechanical engineering 6th-semester subject codes.

Polytechnic 6th Semester Syllabus Mechanical PDF Download Link

Polytechnic 4th Semester Syllabus Mechanical

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